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This log contains all of our recent "Drilling Deeper" articles and postings.

National Ground Water Awareness Week – March 7-13th

Article By: RonAtlantic on March 9, 2010

About half the U.S. population receives its drinking water from wells! And more than 90 percent of the fresh water in the United States and around the world is groundwater. Ground Water Awareness Week spotlights groundwater, as a valuable and renewable resource.

Spring is a good season to have an Annual Water Well Checkup, before the peak water-use season begins.  A Checkup is important for the following reasons:

  • An annual checkup by a licensed and certified water well contractor is the best way to ensure problem free service and quality water.
  • Preventative maintenance usually is less costly than emergency maintenance.
  • Good well maintenance, like good car maintenance, can prolong the life of your well and pump system.

Our checkup will include:

  • An inspection of your system.
  • A check of the pump operation.
  • Air charging of the well tank, if needed.
  • A water sample and laboratory analysis.
  • A written report.

We recommend you have your drinking water tested every year.  Well water quality can change over time, for better or worse.  An annual water test allows you to track changes and take action before reaching a critical state.  For most well owners an annual water test is peace of mind that their water is safe for all their family’s needs.

Call us to schedule a water test and checkup of your system!

You can obtain more well and consumer information by going to NGWA’s Web site for well owners,  National Ground Water Awareness Week is sponsored by the National Ground Water Association – the nation’s leading authority on the use and protection of groundwater.


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