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This log contains all of our recent "Drilling Deeper" articles and postings.

This year is our 40th Anniversary

Article By: RonAtlantic on February 13, 2009

We’re real proud of this accomplishment. Not a lot of companies make it to 40 years. The statistics indicate that about 30% of small businesses do not survive the first two years, and 50% fall by the wayside in the first five years. So, we feel fortunate as well as gratified that we’ve achieved this milestone.

We could not have come this far without one very important ingredient – our customers. Thousands of homeowners have placed their trust in us to deliver safe, clean water, to restore their water when an emergency arose, and to provide a multitude of services for their water or geothermal systems. Without your loyalty and referrals we could not have come this far; thank you!

We also should thank our valued suppliers, whose prompt service allows us to do the same. These vendors are continually introducing new, innovative products that provide better solutions for our customers needs. You may be surprised to learn that most of the products we use in our water and geothermal systems are still manufactured by American manufacturers and made in the USA.

What will the next 40 years bring? In 1970 there were no cell phones, no internet, no instant communication. A mainframe computer took up a whole room and was less powerful than today’s laptop. Well drilling was a lot less mechanized and submersible well pumps were just beginning to catch on. In the future, well and geothermal systems will be a lot smarter. Through advanced diagnostics and control systems they will be able to communicate their status and faults directly to the service company. We’ll be able to remotely diagnose the problem and dispatch the technician with the correct tools and components to fix it. We may even be able to remotely change a software configuration to allow the component to temporarily function until the service technician gets there.

The speed of change seems to increase with each decade. With all the change in the last 40 years, it’s difficult to imagine that the changes in the next 40 will be many times greater in magnitude. What we can’t envision today will be commonplace in 2050.

On thing that won’t change will be our dedication and commitment to our customers. We’ll respond promptly when you have an emergency, provide high quality services, and give you honest, professional advice. Call us when the need arises.


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