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This log contains all of our recent "Drilling Deeper" articles and postings.

Why Geothermal?

Article By: RonAtlantic on June 26, 2010

Now, more than ever, a geothermal system for your home makes economic sense. With the federal 30% tax credit the cost to install these highly efficient systems may be no more than a common fossil fueled system. This is particularly true in the following situations:
· You’re building a new home
· You’re planning a major addition or renovation of your home
· You’re ready to replace your hot air furnace and have a duct system in place
· The geology of your site lends itself to an open loop system.

In these scenarios the additional cost of the wells and the geothermal equipment is frequently offset by the 30% personal income tax credit. Thus, geothermal really does become the “no brainer” option. When you consider all the geothermal benefits, at little or no additional cost, geothermal makes the most sense.

So, what are the benefits? They are many, and I would put them in the following order of importance:
1. Comfort. These systems provide superior year round interior comfort in both the heating and cooling modes. With optional zoning, they provide customized comfort for the various living areas of your home.
2. Environmentally Conscious. Geothermal uses a renewable energy source that is available 365 days a year. It does not contribute to fossil fuel depleation or global warming.
3. Low Operating Cost. Generally, geothermal costs about 50% less than oil or gas to heat your home. Even greater savings are achieved if you are using propane or electric heat. Air conditioning savings are also substantial.
4. Very Efficient. Four to Five times as efficient as fossil heat; twice as efficient as conventional air conditioning.
5. Safe. There no combustion products, flames, or fumes associated with the equipment operation.
6. Quiet. The heat pump unit itself is quiet during operation and there is no noisy outside condenser.

If a new heating system is part of your future plans, give us a call to find out about the geothermal option. We’ll provide a custom designed system that provides both heating and air conditioning, as well as year round indoor comfort.


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