Town Water Connections

Atlantic Well Drilling is on the list of authorized contractors who are insured and licensed to connect your home to the town water system in Eastham*.

There are some good reasons for connecting to a town water supply. Municipal water is treated to correct the level of pH and alkalinity and therefore, it usually is not necessary for a house water filtration system, and, during a power outage, you will still have water.

If you have decided that you would like to connect to a municipal water system, please call us. We have been providing this service for years. We handle the submitting of the permits, connecting with Dig Safe, the hookup process and the inspections required. This connection also requires a plumber. To help ease your burden, we can provide a reputable licensed plumber and coordinate the work that needs to be done with that plumber.

Our preferred method of water connection is to mole out of the basement to the street. This avoids digging a trench on your property, keeping the landscape virtually unchanged. There are circumstances in which we would have to dig a trench, but this is our last option. Please call us if you have questions about how we can connect your home to the town water supply.

*Eastham can provide loans for town water connections.

Contact Kim St. Aubin at or 774-801-3244 for more information or to see if you qualify.

Click here for a pdf version of the application.